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Gift voucher for a Ghyll Scrambling Adventure. The ghyll scrambling/gorge walk experience is a wet and wild activity suitable for different ages and abilities and is a great adventure! Please enter the recipient’s details and an optional gift message. See below for further details.

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About  A Ghyll Scrambling Adventure

Undoubtedly, ghyll scrambling in the Lake District is one of the most popular outdoor activities.
This exhilarating activity can also be known as gorge walking. Come rain or shine, this fun-filled activity is suitable for all and provides a fantastic experience for you to remember.

Ghyll scrambling involves scrambling up or down a mountain stream or river (ghyll). You will jump down waterfalls, slide down rock chutes, swim, scramble, crab-crawl or traverse ledges, climb up or down and dive – yes, dive your way during your adventure. One thing is for sure; it will be wet and fun. The big decision is whether you want to go up or down.

Your memories of this adventure will be fantastic and will be remembered for a long time.

Full details of ghyll scrambling can be found by clicking HERE FOR GHYLL SCRAMBLING.

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