Canyoneer Initiation

Canyoneer Initiation (known as CAI)

By design, all my canyoning adventure days for beginners are run as a CAI. This is a one-day canyoning adventure course following the International Canyoning Organisation (ICOPro) standards.

The CAI course is delivered to a very high standard and is designed to give you the best opportunity to discover the wonderful world inside a canyon.


Fun and safe

The first stage of canyoning is about exploring and having fun while keeping safe. While this is first and foremost, you’ll also learn how to use your equipment and understand why your equipment is best suited to the canyoning sport. In addition, you will be taught techniques and gain knowledge of how to move and communicate in the canyon environment.

So what does this mean to you?

You will be guided by a highly-skilled and knowledgeable instructor, who will teach you a range of techniques covering:

  • Abseiling / rappelling
  • Movement on hand-lines
  • Rope handling
  • Jumping
  • Sliding
  • Zip-lines (guided rappel)
  • Communication signals

Let me remind you, all this is done while you are having a FUN and safe adventure. As it is your adventure - why not get something to remember your time (apart from the free photographs).

ICOPro canyoneer initiation CAI card
ICOPro canyoneer initiation CAI card back

ICOPro canyoneer initiation CAI card
ICOPro canyoneer initiation CAI card back

At the end of your adventure day, you will receive an ICOpro canyoneer card - validating your experience. There on in, you will be joining the ICOPro community, and have access to newsletters and more...

After the course, you will get a well presented PDF book, covering the elements of your canyoning adventure.

Let me be honest here – it does require the exchange of an email.

ICOPro canyoneer initiation book CAI

After you have completed the CAI there will be other opportunities open to you:

The CA123 training course allows you to become autonomous in the canyon, letting you have your own adventures. Advancing your personal knowledge and skills for more advanced canyoning could lead you to become an instructor and potentially having a career in the outdoors, especially if you have a passion for teaching.

Where you go from here is your choice; you can join me in one of the advanced canyoning trips or even one of my international trips abroad.

Luckily enough all my canyoning adventure days I run as a CAI course. Therefore, by merely exchanging your email address you gain free access to the ICOPro community.

Ready to book a canyoning adventure or want further information? If so, please click below to make a booking enquiry.

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