Mountain Rat Adventures Core Beliefs

What I believe in...

I hold dearly to the premise that ‘I’m not just passionate, I care!’

I care about your experience and aim to make it safe, fun and enjoyable throughout.

I aim to deliver a range of mountaineering activities to create a fantastic outdoor experience, with a greater emphasis on canyoning and ghyll scrambling.

I aim to inspire, by providing and allowing for genuine, authentic adventure and exploration.

I firmly believe you are capable of achieving more than you think, especially when given the right opportunity and environment. I make it my responsibility to help and guide you through this process.

I am inclusive and create opportunities for you to participate at any level.

Your adventure with me is based entirely on you and the experience you want. It will be at a level best suited for you.

Your adventure is yours to remember for the right reasons.

Don’t just dream…dare to do!

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