Canyoning Is a Great Outdoor Adventure

Canyoning is a great outdoor adventure that everyone should experience. In case you’re still unsure, check out this list of reasons to try the sport! Are you a lover of extreme sports? An adrenaline junkie who loves to explore the world? Canyoning is an extreme sport and a great outdoor adventure. It’s participated in by people …

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canyoning-can-be-a-stress-reliever-this -image-shows-a-dry-rocky-canyon-scene

Canyoning is a Great Stress Reliever

Imagine the ultimate adrenaline rush as you slide down waterfalls, explore rocks and boulders, leap into crystal clear pools, and zip-line across canyons. If you’re ready for a high-octane mixture of climbing, sliding, jumping, scrambling, and swimming, then look no further than canyoning. What’s more, despite its highly adventurous nature, beginners are very welcome. Canyoning proves the perfect stress …

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My First Time Canyoning

My First Time Canyoning: What you need to know. ​Well, you’ve finally found it. Here is my answer to ‘What can I expect?’ and for me what is canyoning? I learnt so much during my canyoning adventure, much more than I was expecting. “I didn’t expect to learn skills that I could use in everyday life.”I …

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For the Woman Who Loves Adventure

Reasons why Women SHOULD Canyon. And why should women canyon? There are many answers to this question, and they may vary depending on who’s being asked and what agenda they are trying to fulfil. For me, the answer is:WHY NOT?Why not experience a sense of fun and adventure with a great adrenaline rush? Who wouldn’t want …

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welcome to canyoning in cumbria

Welcome to Mountain Rat Adventures blog

Welcome to Mountain Rat Adventures – a specialist in canyoning in Cumbria. ​As a small friendly outdoor adventure company, I provide a range of mountaineering activities, with a specialism in ghyll scrambling and canyoning in Cumbria. I pride myself in providing you with a totally fun and immersive experience adapted to your requirements, which you are …

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