Covid 19 Statement

Lee Wilson

I am happy to declare that Mountain Rat Adventures is open!

Mountain Rat Adventures is open for enquiries and bookings. To adhere to government guidelines, activities will commence at the beginning of July 2020.

Lee Wilson

I am happy to declare that Mountain Rat Adventures is open!

Mountain Rat Adventures is open for business. To adhere to government guidelines, activities commenced at the beginning of July 2020.

Here at Mountain Rat Adventures (referred to as MRA) I have been busy preparing for re-opening. It has involved planning and implementing guidelines to ensure the safety of customers and staff while maintaining its high standards.

MRA is being open and upfront about its policy moving forward. This is to reassure you I am doing everything possible for your safety and limiting the transmission of the COVID 19 virus. I will implement the measures provided by professional body guidelines and government guidelines

Covid 19 Measures being putting into place

  • Maximum group size will be kept in line with current government guidelines
  • MRA offers tailored activities and as such, groups will continue NOT to be mixed with other groups, decreasing the possible spread of COVID-19
  • Younger children MUST be accompanied by an adult at all times and be under the direct supervision of the participating adult. (This will enable social distancing) Full guidance will be given.
  • ALL equipment will be thoroughly washed and/or quarantined for a minimum of 72 hours. (This is under current scientific guidance)
  • ALL wetsuits will be thoroughly washed and sanitised. These will then be quarantined for a minimum of 72 hours)
  • Social distancing will be respected where possible, except in the case of critical safety. (This will be clarified by your instructor prior and during  your activity)
  • A COVID-19 risk assessment, will be applied to each activity
  • Consideration of locations to ensure maintaining social distancing.
  • Hand Sanitiser will be provided and its use advocated. During specific activities hand sanitiser will be used at intervals throughout the session.

Important to note:

MRA will be open and honest about its procedures and risk assessments to clients. In return, MRA will expect the same from its clients. As such, and not to discriminate against, MRA will exclude any participant from an activity who has in the 14 days prior to their planned activity;

  • Been in contact with a person who has displayed any of the COVID symptoms (NHS Link)
  • Been in a household with anyone that has displayed any of the COVID symptoms
  • Displayed any of the symptoms prior to starting their activity.

Any activity that has been booked and has to be cancelled due to the COVID virus will be re-arranged or a full refund will be given. This is also in alignment with current policies.

No adventure will be offered by MRA, where safety cannot be guaranteed, and or social distancing cannot be feasible achieved.


Although I have detailed steps to prevent the spread of COVID 19, during an adventure with Mountain Rat Adventures, the potential can only be minimised and not eradicated (unfortunately) which is also acknowledged by the government.

It has been stated by the Government on numerous occasions that the chance of catching the virus is vastly reduced in the open air and in open water.

The beauty of Mountain Rat Adventures activities is that they are situated in the majestic Lake District, in the clean open air and the majority take place in water.

Participants Commitment

  • To respect and maintain the social distancing in place
  • If you have booked an activity and are then showing or have recently shown any of the symptoms of Coronavirus, stay at home and isolate in line with Government guidelines. A refund or rescheduled time will be arranged.
  • If it helps to elevate any anxieties, bring along your sanitisers and face masks.

"The New Normal"

The new normal as it is being phrased will look very different for many people and businesses. As an individual, you should ask your chosen activity provider or instructor to brief you on how they are going to keep you, your family/friends safe.

It is important to me as the owner of MRA and a family man myself, I would want to make sure that safety measures were in place. I am confident that the measures I have put in place are robust and will be strictly yet sensitively implemented.

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