Ghyll Scrambling Stoneycroft Adventure

An ultimate Keswick adventure

Is it the ultimate Lake District adventure activity? Well, there is only one to find out - TRY IT!

The Lake District is a popular tourist destination for its beautiful waters and mountains. Keswick is a town in the Lake District and is a popular starting point for many outdoor activities. It also attracts adventurers in the surrounding area of The Eden Valley District.

Although on a map, it is written Stonycroft Gill, it is often referred to as Stoneycroft. It is stunning and hidden away in the quiet Newlands Valley. Its fantastic features and crystal-clear water make it easy to understand why it is a very sort after activity in The Northern Lake District. 

A fantastic view overlooking Derwent Water towards Keswick. Blencathra looms in the background

Ghyll Scrambling In Keswick

This outdoor adventure activity involves scrambling down a mountain stream known as a ghyll (more information coming soon). It will include diving, scrambling, swimming, slides and jumps. Its term originates from Cumbria and is also known as gorge walking (the Welsh term) or gorge scrambling.

It is often confused with its more significant sibling, the more extreme version called canyoning, which usually involves a series of abseils and rope techniques (see canyoning), not rock climbing.

What to expect in your Ghyll Scrambling Stoneycroft adventure

The Stoneycroft ghyll scramble near Keswick is a popular outdoor activity in The Lake District within the Keswick area. It is an experience you will never forget. A lot of customers return several times to repeat the experience.

A person is sliding down the first waterfall at Stoneycroft Ghyll.

Down The Chute At Keswick

First set of waterfalls

This popular activity involves a short stroll up a track to the start of the ghyll, where all the excitement begins.

Your ghyll scrambling Stoneycroft adventure starts by sliding into the plunge pools and down rock chutes. It is a perfect start to an adrenaline-pumping experience if you seek a challenge. After the thoroughly wet start, you will continue down the mountain stream via a series of slides and drops to a deep plunge pool.

Two super excited ghyll scramblers in the deep dip pool at Stoneycroft Ghyll near Keswick.

The deep dip pool

How will you tackle this challenge? Will you have the nerve to dive it or wade through and swim out? The choice will be yours.

After the deep pool, you will continue your adventure via more sliding; you can slide backwards if you are up for a personal challenge. Eventually, you come to a 2-3 metre jump or slide, known as the 'Corkscrew' to most guides. From this fun-filled obstacle to the 'Head Banger' and then to the 'Washing Machine.'

The person shown here in the picture is in a wash cycle. It is a water feature known as the washing machine in Stoneycroft Ghyll

One Cycle Or Two Or Just A Rinse

The washing machine

The washing machine does precisely what it implies, but how will you tackle this element? Jump into the narrow pot, missing a tree on the way down or leap from the boulder below.

When you think the journey is over, you drop down a few more waterfalls, the 'infamous Coffin Dive.' I prefer the name 'Pinball Alley' because diving across the narrow opening is challenging. Will you have the courage to try this last challenge in the ghyll trip?

After this you arrive at the canyon section, which you can add on as an extension to your adventure.

Ghyll scrambling Stoneycroft is one of the most sought-after ghylls mainly because it is one of the most famous and heard-about ghylls. The great thing about this superb venue is the variety of elements that make a fantastic adventure. Plus, it's beautiful!

With the help of Mountain Rat Adventures' long experience and knowledge in this venue, you will find the ideal way to discover its hidden secrets.

You have decided to have an adventure that’s brilliant.

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Who's the Ghyll Scramble for?

The ghyll scrambling Stoneycroft/gorge walk experience is a wet and wild activity suitable for different ages and abilities and is a great Keswick Adventure!

A family group pose for their photograph before they start their ghyll scrambling Stoneycroft adventure
It makes a great family adventure and for a group of friends too
At Stoneycroft Ghyll, a lovely couple celebrates a birthday and poses for their photograph during their ghyll scramble surprise.
It is perfect for individuals and partners especially as a surprise
A stag group is posing in the washing machine at Stoneycroft Ghyll.
It is a blast and a whole lot of fun for Stag and Hen parties
An image shows a group of schoolchildren in Stoneycroft Ghyll. They look delighted.
This is an excellent venue for adventurous School Groups

For young children, it is best to contact Mountain Rat Adventures, have a friendly chat, and discuss their abilities and expectations.

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Frequently Asked Questions

How high are the jumps?

Under 3 metres. Your Stoneycroft ghyll scrambling adventure involves jumps that are around two-three metres or less. All the jumps can be circumvented or tackled differently. However, beware that there are a series of waterfalls in the lower canyoning gorge section, and the falls here are much higher. This is not part of the ghyll scramble experience, as it is a series of abseils.

How long is it?

3 hours. Allow a half day a.m/p.m; it takes approximately 3 hours. This includes the 15 minute walk to the start point. There is no race to start, and the adventure is tailored to you.

Do you take photos/can I bring my Go Pro?

Yes. we take photos, and you can bring your Go-Pro. We love to capture your adventure and say that a picture is worth a thousand words. Your memories are important to us; capturing them through photos is one of the best ways to keep them alive. So in time, you can look back at them and reflect on your fantastic adventure.

Can I avoid an element or obstacle?

Yes. Mountain Rat Adventures instructors are very highly qualified and trained. They have a huge amount of knowledge and can provide different ways for you to have your adventure and overcome any apprehension you may have.

Equipment Details

You know the problem; you are on holiday and packed a minimal amount. You want an adventure experience but don’t have extras, i.e., shorts, a swimming costume, old trainers, or shoes.

NOT A PROBLEM! If you have underwear and, at best, a t-shirt, you are good to go, as the rest will be provided. Yes, we also include footwear and socks.

What equipment is provided as part of a ghyll scrambling experience?

  • Two-piece Wetsuit With Hood (providing 10mm neoprene on your torso)
  • 3mm Neoprene Socks
  • Helmet
  • Specialised canyoning Boots
  • 3mm Neoprene Vest (optional)
  • Gloves (*if required or recommended*)
  • All relevant equipment where appropriate is PPE checked and recorded
  • Hot Drink and snack at the end of your adventure.
  • Free Photographs (in return for use on social media where permission is given). All privacy rights are respected.

What do I need to bring with me?

  • Towel or robe
  • Swimwear or underwear and T-shirt (to wear under a wetsuit) it is your choice
  • (a bag to put your wet clothes in)
  • Medication (*if required*)
  • Something to secure your glasses (*if worn*)
  • Something to consider on a cool day, a hat will keep you warm while getting changed

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Canyoning is a fun, awesome adventure activity. It’s an exhilarating activity that must be experienced, and is undoubtedly the big brother or sister to ghyll scrambling.

Experience the thrill and exhilaration of canyoning, it’s invigorating and fun, just the recipe to refresh the body and mind.

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