Longsleddale Canyon 

A brilliant canyon adaptable to suit all.

It has steep, open and closed cascades, pools, zip lines slides and jumps. This canyon is well suited for the beginner and has something to offer the more experienced.

Jump in, get wet and have fun.

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A Great Beginner Canyon

This is a fantastic canyon that lends itself well to the beginner. Packed full of fun and not really intimidating, it also offers something for the intermediate as well.

Longsleddale Canyon 

Abseiling the funnel in Longsleddale

The sublime winding valley of Longsleddale is virtually unknown; it is flanked steeply on both sides by Kentmere Pike, Sleddale Fell and Buckbarrow Crag. It has a vast history and was the inspiration for the popular children’s program ‘Postman Pat’ and the fictitious Greendale. Apart from the farming history, its industrial past includes quarrying – it is from here the canyon begins.

The River Sprint winds its way down, from the now disused, Wrengill Quarry. It cascades down several dramatic, steep waterfalls and pools. It slips and slides down the valley over fantastic water-sculpted formations and smooth rock beds. Finally, it plunges abruptly 15m into a very confined section (known as ‘Cleft Ghyll’) and emerges into plunge pools.

During your adventure, you will use a zip line to help you experience this canyon in a playful, fun and safe manner. You will abseil, jump, slide and scramble down and along sections of beautiful rock. All this builds the tension for the final section; which could include a traverse out, over an open void or an abseil into a slot. Your memories of this adventure are sure to be fantastic and you’ll be asking yourself what’s next.

Had an amazing day canyoning for the first time. Couldn't recommend Mountain Rat Adventures enough.



Details of your Adventure

Adventure overview

Duration | 5-6 Hours (guidance)

Fitness | Reasonable Fitness

Experience Level | Beginner +

Group Size | 2 - 10

Age Limit | 12 years guidance only

Cost | £95 pp

What equipment will I use?

Equipment I supply...

  • 5mm specialised Canyoning Wetsuit with hood
  • 3mm Neoprene Vest (optional)
  • 3mm Neoprene Socks
  • Helmet
  • Harness and technical equipment
  • Canyoning Shoes specifically for canyoning
  • Buoyancy aid (*if required or recommended*)
  • Gloves (*if required or recommended*)
  • Water and Snacks
  • All relevant equipment where appropriate is PPE checked and recorded
What should I bring?

  • Your sense of adventure
  • Towel
  • T-shirt (to wear under your wetsuit)
  • Swimwear / costume
  • Medication (*if required*)
  • Waterproof Camera (*I will take photographs*)
  • Something to secure your glasses (*if worn*)
  • On a cool day, a hat will keep you warm while getting changed
  • (a bag to put your wet clothes in)

I will meet you here at Sadgill, just before the bridge. I may choose depending on the conditions to drive you up the valley.

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