Swarthbeck Gill

This hidden gem on the side of Ullswater will provide plenty of fun and excitement to keep you entertained.
This is a closed canyon and with some steep slot abseils.

Not too short and sweet, well worth the adventure.

Canyon grading icon steep

Beginner to intermediate level

This canyon contains some steep slot abseiling. The walk to reach the start is very steep and strenuous.

Swarthbeck Gill

Canyoning at Swarthbeck

Swarthbeck Gill is situated on the northwest flank of High Street (The course of the Roman Road). This tiny gem of a canyon is tucked away in the hillside, hiding several waterfalls and pools under its tree canopy. This trip offers a shorter time in the canyon, but during the steep ascent, there are opportunities to practice and learn skills. Whilst doing this, you can view the idyllic, picturesque Ullswater valley – which boasts being the second largest lake.

Your adventure will involve scrambling up rocks and traversing out, to reach your starting point. Then you will begin your descent of the several waterfalls, which will involve abseiling a grand total of 110m. Your attention will soon be drawn into the steep, enclosed setting. You will scramble down smaller cascades and abseil under boulders. Just when you think you might feel claustrophobic, the canyon opens out to picture frame views of Ullswater. This canyon will leave you feeling satisfied and looking for your next adventure.

Had an amazing day canyoning for the first time. Couldn't recommend Mountain Rat Adventures enough.



Details of your Adventure

Adventure overview

Duration | 5 Hours (for guidance)

Fitness | Reasonable Fitness*

Experience Level | Beginner-Intermediate

Group Size | 2 - 6

Age Limit | 16 years

Cost | £90 pp

*Requires a very steep walk to reach the start.

What equipment will I use?

Equipment I supply...

  • 5mm specialised Canyoning Wetsuit with hood
  • 3mm Neoprene Vest (optional)
  • 3mm Neoprene Socks
  • Helmet
  • Harness and technical equipment
  • Canyoning Shoes specifically for canyoning
  • Buoyancy aid (*if required or recommended*)
  • Gloves (*if required or recommended*)
  • Water and Snacks
  • All relevant equipment where appropriate is PPE checked and recorded
What should I bring?

  • Your sense of adventure
  • Towel
  • T-shirt (to wear under your wetsuit)
  • Swimwear / costume
  • Medication (*if required*)
  • Waterproof Camera (*I will take photographs*)
  • Something to secure your glasses (*if worn*)
  • On a cool day, a hat will keep you warm while getting changed
  • (a bag to put your wet clothes in)

Parking is restricted, where possible we will reduce the number of vehicles - especially during the summer period.

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